Artist's Statement

There are two strands to my work, connected by inspiration and materials – traditional oil and mixed-media paintings, and collages created from a wide range of hand-made and found materials. I am always experimenting with new mediums and techniques, mixing it up to strive for the perfect expression. Crossing boundaries; breaking rules.

My work reflects my fascination with the play of light on natural forms. Whether on the scale of a landscape or a close-up of breaking waves or lichen on a twig, I try to capture the organic patterns and colours of what I see in that ephemeral moment; the essence that makes that instant emotional spark unique.

I am not aiming for photorealism: I strive to capture the resonance of the fleeting glimpse; what it feels like at that particular moment in that particular place. My work is about the detail, the colour, the texture, the pattern. And the emotional response they invoke.


In my paintings I love textural oils applied with a knife, brush or fingers, but also use pastels, pencils, pens, inks, watercolours and acrylics. Sometimes I combine mediums as the subject demands.


In my collages I take this love of materials even further to create intricate, detailed works consisting of many layers and textures. In these works I may use handmade paper, hand-painted and found papers, calligraphy, stitch, beading and found objects along with traditional paints, pastels and pencils, and my own manipulated photographs. The viewer has to pause and study the work in depth to understand its structure and significance: and these moments of quiet connection then complete the work.