Mixed-media Gallery

My mixed-media works are created using a wide range of materials and techniques. They may consist of layers of hand-printed and decorated handmade papers, sheer organza, silk, found papers, my original photographs and drawings, free-motion machine embroidery, hand-stitching and beading on canvas or silk painted in oil, acrylic or watercolour. I may incorporate natural materials such as leaves, twigs or shells, and embellish with calligraphy and gold or silver leaf, powdered bronze or copper, Italian marble and glass. 

Each piece is unique and may take months to complete. Each forms organically, with only the barest idea of a plan – or none at all; just colour, texture or mood – no drawing out first. I just begin assembling, let my mind drift and see where the work takes me. Let me design and make a piece just for you.

All framed and mounted behind glass. Mouse over image for description; click on image for full artwork and slideshow.

To enquire about purchase, please visit Wild Wind Gallery.