The Spring issue of Volume II, Acer, named for the Sycamore, is packed with marvellous writing and gorgeous illustration from the England, USA, Bali, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Timeless beauty to inspire and enthrall.

Highlights include:
• Avian drawings by renowned wildlife artist C.F. Tunnicliffe, illustrating wildlife observations in Wales by Brian Macdonald.
• Evocative poetry set in Ireland by Featured Poet Patrick Deeley.
• Thought-provoking essays by Philip Strange, Michael Warren, Yasmin Chopin and Lynn Parr.
• Stunning drawings by Jon Tremaine and Fred Montague.
• Glorious close-up photographs of birds by Mya Bambrick.
• Mystical fiction by Ana Vidosavljevic.
• Inspirational poetry by Kevin Conroy, Stephen Boyce, Mark Totterdell, Peter J. King, Katy Wareham Morris, Kirsten Luckins, Anthony Watts, Faye Boland, Larry D. Thacker, Liz Byrne, Rona Fitzgerald, Morven Main, Ilse Pedler, Ali Alana, Lee Nash, Jennie E. Owen.
• Mesmerising desert adventure in the Classic Essay by Louisa Jebb.

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