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Alnus, named for the Alder, is the Summer issue of Volume II (2). As always, it is packed with inspirational writing and stunning illustrations from Australia, USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

Featured Artist is the late great David Shepherd, whose talent and empathy with his subjects is clear in his lovely sketches of African wildlife. Alnus will be making a donation to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to help it continue his valuable work for conservation.

Featured Poet is Beth McDonough, Tracing the Year through pin-sharp observation and passion.

Conor Atay has some stunning photos of a rugged trail up Slovenia's highest mountain; and the Classic Essay is an excerpt from a piece by Henry David Thoreau – though not the one you might expect.

Then there is thought-provoking fiction from Sarah Evans and James Wise, prose from Chris Brauer, Paula Peeters, Rebecca Welshman, Lynn Parr and Lucy Farrell, aged 8 – with topics as diverse as a wheatfield walk to a cave in Oman.

And not forgetting the poetry; the amazing, emotive, stunning poetry from Alison Campbell, Alun Robert, Teresa Godfrey, Catherine Eunson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Gillian Prew, Ceinwen Haydon, Stephanie Stanton, Janet Hatherley, Peter Branson, Eithne Lannon, Jerome Gagnon and Miki Byrne.

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