Champions of the Horse: Saving Rare Breeds


Amazing true equestrian tales from the edge of extinction!

From Nazi Germany to the mountains of Wales, India to the American plains, discover how familiar horse and pony breeds were brought back from the brink.

From the first wild horses that roamed the Americas and the Asian Steppe to the racing Thoroughbred, the miniature Falabella to the heavy Shire, the horse has been bred for human use in a variety of shapes and sizes.

But many breeds have become extinct as the world has become more dependent on motorized transport and machinery.

Some dedicated people have stepped in to save horse breeds on the edge of extinction – some even controversially attempting to recreate extinct breeds.

Here are the stories of some of those breeds and their human champions, tirelessly working without reward, simply for the love of the horse.

Readers say...

"A fantastic book – I struggled to put it down!" – Friesian breeder.

"Engaging, lyrical, fascinating."

"An important book, full of history."

"Really interesting, especially if you love horses."

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